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Code of Conduct and Participation Agreement


The New Zealand Basketball Academy (NZBA) is absolutely committed to protecting our management, coaches, referees, volunteers, parents, student-athletes and visitors (our people) from all forms of physical and mental harm. Our Code of Conduct and Participation Agreement describes our structure, responsibilities, and general commitment towards keeping our people safe by preventing all forms of harm. It ensures our parents have confidence in our safety and wellbeing practices and that our people follow good behaviours and transparent processes when concerns arise.

All management, contractors, coaches, volunteers, parents, and student-athletes are expected to sign and comply with the NZBA Code of Conduct and Participation Agreement below as part of their induction and ongoing involvement with the Academy.

Our Purpose / Mission

To coach, train, develop and mentor every able student athlete to the next level in education and basketball on and off the court.

The New Zealand Basketball Academy expects that everyone behaves in accordance with the Code of Conduct while representing the NZBA as ambassadors of New Zealand, portraying a positive image and exemplary conduct while travelling, during tournaments, at training, accommodation, during excursions and while attending events or activities. The purpose of this Code of Conduct and Participation Agreement is to provide statements of intent that set high standards of personal integrity and conduct to ensure a safe and positive environment for all our people, free from judging, hate and bullying. 


Our Code of Conduct is underpinned by the following four important Values:

Respect - Be polite and considerate of others. Accountability - Show leadership by taking responsibility. Honesty - Be truthful and act with integrity, and Confidence – Believe in yourself and be disciplined.

Code of Conduct

As a member of the NZBA family I commit to upholding the principals of the Code of Conduct, to be moral and never steal, to be truthful and never lie, to be honest and never cheat, and to be honourable.

Management, Coaches, Parents, referees, volunteers, and visitors and student-athletes will

  • Demonstrate good behaviour including no swearing, put-downs, derogatory terms, stealing, lying, or violence

  • No adults are to be alone in private with an individual student/athlete

  • Be courteous, mature, co-operative and respectful, take responsibility for what you say and do

  • Our people shall not to consume alcohol, take illicit drugs or smoke cigarettes

  • Demonstrate care and respect for our environment including no littering, loud music or excessive noise, which may cause disturbance to others. Reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible

  • Players will keep themselves clean and tidy for regular team inspections

  • Costs associated with any damage incurred by a student athlete to accommodation, vehicle or other property will be recovered from the player and his/her guardians

  • Be proud and wear NZBA playing strips and T-shirts in public

  • Comply with all laws, Code of Conduct and reasonable NZBA instructions

  • Report all incidents and accidents that cause, or have potential to harm child safety, wellbeing, abuse or neglect in writing to a NZBA Director for investigation and where appropriate reported to relevant authorities

  • All incidents and accidents once reported will be investigated by the Compliance Manager and Tour Director, in consultation with NZBA Directors and key stakeholders

  • All accidents resulting in physical or mental harm must be directed to a Hospital for a professional medical diagnosis and care

  • All Coaches, Managers, and Assistants must complete safety screening and vetting procedures at least annually, and

  • All individuals are protected by the principals of the Privacy Act 1993.

Management, Coaches and Player Responsibilities

  • 10pm curfews must be observed unless the activity is directly supervised by team Management

  • You may not leave your team without permission of your team Management and travel must be in groups of three

  • Players will be courteous to, and demonstrate respect for everyone, particularly parent supporters who will be assisting with meal preparation, player care and supervision

  • Perform to the best of your ability and play fair all the time, and

  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship to teammates, opponents, officials, referees and score bench all the time.

The NZBA coach and managers roles are the designated persons responsible for child protection and safety.  As such everyone involved in delivering child protection must remain impartial, have appropriate skills, knowledge and experience to guide, identify and report any abuse or neglect to the Board of Directors (BoD).

Relevant Legislation

• NZ: The Health & Safety at Work Act 2015                 NZ: Privacy Act 1993

• NZ: Smoke-free Environments Act 1990                      NZ: Privacy Act 1993

• NZ: Children’s Act 2014                                                 USA: Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA)                   USA: Indian Child Welfare Act

The executive committee, managers, coaches, volunteers, parents and student-athletes are expected to agree and comply with the Code of Conduct. By signing this Participation Agreement, you agree to accept and abide by all Laws, Codes, Policies, Processes, Rules and reasonable Instructions.  Please tick each circle and sign below:

  • I/We agree to participate in the New Zealand Basketball Academy events.

  • I/We agree to fully comply and abide by all Laws, Codes, Policies, Processes, Rules and reasonable Instructions. I understand that failure to do so may result in remedial action including loss of court time, demotion and in the case of a serious breach, being dismissed at your own cost.

  • I/We give permission for photographs and video to be used by the NZBA for publicity purposes including social media sites for the purpose of promoting our Student-Athletes for Basketball Scholarships.

  • I/We have read, understand, and will abide by the requirements prescribed in the Code of Conduct.

Student-Athlete Name        ________________________________________

Student-Athlete Signature __________________________ Date  ________________

Parent/Management/Coaches/Volunteers Name _______________________________________

Parent/Management/Coaches/Volunteers Signature__________________________ Date ________________

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