High performance camp preparation

With the final trials for Las Vegas this weekend, we take a look at some of the best ways to stand out from the crowd and secure a place on your team !

Be prepared:
If your coaches have requested you to do something prior to the trials, make sure you get it done !  For example, you might have to fill out and bring in forms, remember your NZBA singlet, or come prepared with any questions you have.

Arrive early:
Getting to practice early is a great way to show you care, you’re reliable and responsible. If you arrive to the gym early, do some warm-ups and fill your time with productive activities rather than being on your phone. This will go a long way with coaches.

Be in shape:
Coming to camp out of shape is one of the worst things you can do. If you are injured, let the coaches know, and tell them you are still keen to watch and learn. This will show just how much you care enough about the team.

Do your homework:
Coaches might give you a series of plays or sets for you to go over on your own. Make sure you have taken some time to go over these, because he or she might expect you to be familiar with them at camp. This applies to exercises that you have been given as homework too !

Focus especially on defense:
Most coaches will stress defensive intensity and effort much more than anything on the offensive end. We often practice defensive drills and rotations before any shooting drills. Turn up your energy and communication levels on the defensive end of the court and this will certainly impress your coaches.

Pay attention/eye contact:
When coaches are talking to the group or giving directions, make sure you pay attention. Avoid looking down, talking with friends or zoning out. If a coach or leader sees that you are making direct eye contact, they will see that you care and want to learn..

Communicate on the court:
Calling out screens, communicating for a rebound or even picking up a teammate with positive words will get you noticed.  Talking is crucial on the court, especially on the defensive end. This will thrust you into a leadership role, and coaches will notice that.

Ask questions:
If you are confused about something or want further clarification on a drill or play, don’t hesitate to ask. Coaches will like that you care enough to understand direction, rather than just going through the motions and messing up in a drill.

Recover and prepare off the court:
You might be sore and tired after the first day of camp. Use some of the time away from the court to stretch, ice and eat well. This will help you recover faster and give you an advantage over players who don’t. Encourage your teammates to do the same- a healthy team is a winning team !


Good luck and have fun!

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